Release Notes

Version 0.95.0

  • Added passive operating system fingerprinting using databases from Satori
  • Extracts host/domain names from DHCP packets
  • Added “protocols” category to “Top 10” module
  • Added layout icons to main toolbar
  • Bug-fix: Under certain conditions statistics are incorrectly calculated

Version 0.94.0

  • MAC address ranges handling is completely rewritten and with new features. New IEEE allocations are periodically and automatically downloaded, together with an approximate issuance date for respective MAC ranges. Thanks to HD Moore for maintaining MAC Address Age Tracking Repository. Original concept by DeepMAC
  • Added new packet table columns “Source Age” and “Destination Age”, under Eth, IEEE8023 and Composite categories. These supports sort and filtering
  • Added a toolbar with common buttons
  • Furthermore, some bug fixes, GUI improvements and a notification indicator on status bar

Version 0.93.1

  • Added a new module “I/O Graph” under Layout menu. Supports drag&drop zoom, live packet capture, filters and playback
  • Added new indicators on status bar: Packet index, filter, sort and updates
  • Added pan function (drag&drop) to “World Map” and “Device Matrix” modules
  • Added support for “not specified” Geo names in “Top 10” module
  • Bug-fix: “Top 10” module displays incorrect statistics for Datalink, Network and Transport categories
  • Bug-fix: “Timeline” module selects incorrect packets when packet list is sorted

Version 0.92.1

  • Added a new module “Top 10” under Layout menu. Supports packet capture and filters
  • Implemented support for localized GeoData names. Currently for Japanese
  • Nethor is now shipped with an 64-bit installer and corresponding uninstall, and with support for Japanese
  • Changed GUI coloring to a “blue” theme
  • Hard reset (“Reset All” button in Options dialog) does not reset Custom Filters and Packet Coloring Rules
  • Several GUI handling and artifacts improvements, and bug-fixes

Version 0.91.1

  • Added support for Japanese
  • Added support to check for updates
  • Improved localization all over
  • Startpage Recent Files table stays even if empty
  • Bugfix: Startpage. When removing an entry in the table during population will generate an exception