What is Nethor?

A “Device Matrix” layout displaying properties for a node. In addition, the context menu for another node, the search dialog and the Traceroute tool are shown. Above the matrix is the Timeline. Click here to view image in full size

Nethor is a free packet analyzer and visualization tool for Windows that can capture and decode data packets, and also allows working with multiple open PCAP/PCAPNG files, operated as one, from a modern UI.
It visualizes packets on a timeline, displays nodes on a world map and it lets you arrange connections in a matrix.
Nethor has many features and details to aid packet/network forensic and analysis.


Build your own filters and inspect protocols in detail. Click “play” and watch how packets flow. Perform diagnostics with various tools. OS fingerprinting, packet data edit, I/O graph, Top 10 charts, geo IP, resolves/extracts names etc…

Take a look at the gallery! A collection of screenshots that cover most aspects of the application