Hi, my name is Are Chr. Taraldsen. I used to work as a security engineer and programmer until I got a permanent, chronic disease (same as Stephen Hawking). To continue to do what I love, coding, I decided to make Nethor despite my disability. The application is written in C# and I am using eye-gazing technology for navigation and typing. It’s amazing that one can make software using eyes only. It’s not as effective as using a mouse and keyboard, but most of the time spent programming is based on thinking and studying. So my disease is not a huge setback as one might think.

Protocol dissectors I’ve written so far are more or less complete, mainly because I have not enough packet captures to verify code against. If you want to share with me packets, you are more than welcome. Then I will upgrade the dissectors as soon as possible.

Currently I haven’t written a user guide. You must figure yourself on how to operate Nethor. Sorry for the inconvenience but I believe you will figure it out.

Nethor uses GeoIP data from MaxMind. A copy of free GeoLite2 City database is included with Nethor but it’s not recent. To obtain recent copies, you must sign up at MaxMind here. Make sure to download a binary version of the city database and copy it to Nethor’s program directory.