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    1. I presume you are referring to the dialog “Microsoft Defender Smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting…” that pops up when the installer is run the first time. The reason is simply that Nethor installer doesn’t┬áhave enough reputation yet and partly because I have not purchased a certificate that will gain trust for Defender. You can safely bypass this by clicking “More info” and then the button “Run anyway”. Regarding viruses, there are two false positives if you check the software at virustotal.com that you can safely ignore. I hope this illuminates the issue.

  1. Hello, really enjoying trying out the product. I am noticing issues where the filters do not seem work… for example Wireshark find PTP but Nethor does not.

    1. I am pleased that you like Nethor and thanks for pointing out the issue with Precision Time Protocol. I am not familiar with this protocol but from reading Wikipedia, I learned that it operates over UDP on ports 319 and 320. Nethor has filter terms “ptp-event” and “ptp-general” respectively but there is a bug. Those terms are in conflict with another term, “ptp” (IP protocol 123, Performance Transparency Protocol). I will fix this in next release.
      Temporary solutions are either open file “IpProtocols.xml” and rename the alias “ptp” for protocol 123 to “ptp2”, or use filter expression: “udp.src == 319 OR udp.src == 320 OR udp.dst == 319 OR udp.dst == 320”.

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